Be Careful Using A Free Proxy

It is not acceptable that nowadays navigating on the internet is not made respecting the people's privacy and that anyone who desires can find out the latest moves you made on the internet or can find out personal information like phone number, home address or even passwords and then use them against you. Many people live in countries which do not allow certain beliefs and people can get executed just for visiting some web sites or just by writing a personal e-mail which contains complains regarding a government. Some countries even block some web pages in the attempt of "protecting "the citizens against the information those web sites contain. For protecting our privacy when navigating on the internet, proxy servers have been invented. They are buffers between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing.

Each type is designed to solve its specific tasks, however, they have much in common, and their abilities coincide in many features. Ads by GoogleMany people have found out that they can protect themselves and their computers by surfing anonymously. The anonymous surfing works by using an anonymous proxy server which will talk to the desired web site and then communicate the requested information to you. The 1337xunblock  are easy to use as they are only waiting for you to enter the address (URL) of the site you wish to go to and then they will retrieve the page for you and present it to you in a safe way.

The other rarbg mirror sites which are not free need an additional program which has to be installed on your computer and they are more complicated. The free proxy site will transmit to the web page only its IP address and will not be sent you to address too. In some cases if you use an anonymous proxy site you can be sure that not even the proxy site will know your IP address, so you are completely covered against any unscrupulous attack. Besides hiding your IP address, free proxy servers can also hide the country and the region you are situated in and so no one can find you while navigating on the internet. Free proxy servers can also manage cookies. Cookies are dangerous as they can trace your activity on the internet and can give companies information about your net surfing. 
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