What Can Be Inferred From Traffic News (Noticias)


Speeding cars (coches) in every society and Community pose very serious problem to the residents and people of the area. They do not only restrict good quality of lifebut, they also reduce physical activities of people and also decrease using public areas especially to people who are privileged in that area.


In most Gathering of the world, those who are categorized as low income earners usually reside in close proximity to the main passageways. This is to allow them walk to their place of works. Nearness to the principal road will cause them to ride bikes for minimum distance to their destination. They don't need to listen to visitors news (noticias) before taking public transport to their respective destinations. However, their proximity to the main roads has made them to be more exposed to the danger of over-speeding vehicles.

It could be Noticed that many third world countries are more affected negatively by over-speeding of automobiles. This is because most of residents are going to want to be owners of one car or another and will prefer to push them than taking public transportation. This is the more reason why velocity or rapidity limit and regulations won't be well adhered to there.

Where secure Rapidity limit is put in place particularly in many urban areas and cities around the globe, many lives will be saved. Reduced speed (velocidad) limits may minimize traffic injuries and fatalities. All severe disabilities and injuries will be minimized. Where there's reduced rapidity limit, the driver of any vehicle will have great depth perception and there'll not be any issue of tunnel vision. With the wider field or array of vision which every driver has, all other road users will be detected and won't be injured.


It is still Possible that accidents or crash could still happen where there's lower speed (velocidad) limit. 1 certainty in this situation is that the mishap will not be too acute.

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