How do I improve english?

I would like to know how can I improve my english skill to business level? Any suggestion?


  • (1) Make time daily (recommended to be minimum of 30 minutes) to read widely e.g. Business, Fiction, Non-fiction, Current Affairs
    (2) Record the phrases you like in a book. Learn how to use them. Learn to associate phrases / words e.g. touch base = keep in touch
    (3) Surround yourselves with people who are proficient in English so that you can practise and emulate.

    Last but not least, please remember that learning English is a journey. Please do not lose hope easily if you do not see results immediately.

  • I suggest you find a tutor or a language partner. Often times there are English speakers who also want to learn Burmese. You can exchange one hour of English teaching for one hour of Burmese teaching

  • 1) Reading articles/news that are related to the field of your focus. (tip: install news application on your phone or follow news Facebook page to get updated daily)
    2) Register and attend events which are hosted by English speakers and interact with other youths. (Tip: there are many free events now and then in Myanmar and they can be found on Facebook pages like "Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities")
    3) Join discussion groups (Tip: Pre-Collegiate Program yangon hosts presentation and discussion in English weekly)
    4) Make it a point to learn. Don't just read but remember them. Don't just listen but use them.

    Slowly and surely you will find yourself improving.

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